One of the biggest words that used to pop up in my mind when I was asked to write “about me” sections in classes, or on public profiles was REJECT.

It was an ongoing theme in my life since I was a child. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found power in that word, and I turned it into something good, great even.

I know what it’s like to not have unconditional love from the one person in the world that should always do so. But not having the Mom I needed in my life made me an even better one.

That is my superpower, my heart and soul.  I have had six beautiful c-section babies.  I never knew I was capable of so much love, but here I am, and that shit is overflowing.  The longest constant relationships in my life would be that of my four oldest children.

I am a divorce survivor, a remarried powerhouse, and my own biggest fan.

I’ve done everything from bartending, to foster care, studied as a psychology major, and now…

I’m an entrepreneur building a business and a dream life around constant nursing, changing diapers and cleaning dog shit.

Love has reclaimed power over the self-proclaimed reject, and now the word I will leave you with, that best describes who I am, is POWERFUL.


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