Hey bitches!

This is literally my first blog post here at BrandenLaNette.com aka: OnceUponaTimeBitches.com and I am so excited to have yet another fun way to communicate with you plus share things like:

  • My OUATB giveaways cause who in the hell doesn’t love a giveaway?
  • My signature OUATB quick training video posts. (We don’t have all f*cking day to create a fairytale life do we? So, I’ll keep it short but impactful here.)
  • Bonus material that didn’t make the book and other bookish news!
  • Other surprise cause also, who in the hell doesn’t love surprises?

Now, if you haven’t already, get on my email list so that you get notified about all this AND when my book is out because my publisher tells me it will be at a special price for the first few days and there is no sense in missing out on that shit.

Love ya, bitches.

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